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Large-scale mechanization of the forestry industry has led to an explosion in the number of machines used for felling trees and transporting wood. Modern forestry machines, be it Log Skidders, Forestry Harvesters or Forwarders, are widely used to make the process efficient and less time consuming. The ATG brands, Alliance and Primex, have been in the forefront of the forestry tire market for decades. A wide range of tread patterns, innovative technology, advanced construction, special forestry compounds and knowledge of the forestry industry make ATG’s tires the popular choice for forestry contractors and machine manufacturers. ATG’s advanced high-flotation forestry tires are popular with manufacturers of Harvesters and Forwarders. Alliance and Primex’s LS-2 tires provide exceptional performance and last long in severe environments. 

ATG’s Forestry tire range is listed below:
Logger Skidders LS-2
Forestry Tractors Agro Forestry
Forwarder and Harvester Forestry Flotation
Logger Skidders - LS-2
Alliance 342
Alliance 345
Primex Logstomper Extreme
Primex Logstomper FX23
Primex Logstomer Metric Grip LS-2
Primex Logstomper Steelflex LS-2
Forestry Tractors - Agro Forestry
Alliance AF-333
Alliance 347
Alliance 356
Alliance 360
Alliance 370
Alliance 385
Alliance 580
Forwarder and Harvester - Forestry Flotation
Alliance 328
Alliance 331
Alliance 343
Alliance 344
Alliance 346
Alliance 380
Primex Logstomper FX23 HF-4
Primex Logstomper FX Steelflex HF-4
Primex Logstomper Super Flotation HF-4
Primex Logstomper Super High Flotation HF-3
Primex Metric Steelflex HF-2
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